Welcome! This is a personal page, dedicated to OpenStreetMap, coding, server administration and electronics.

Contact me
Name: Simon Zöllner (Simon Zoellner)
Alias: Linutux
E-Mail: mail(at)linutux(dot)net
PGP-Key: 0x273792D5D0CAFB05 (Fingerprint: FB72 A59F BE2B 9813 9AEB 194B 2737 92D5 D0CA FB05)
Jabber-ID: xmpp(at)linutux(dot) score
Bitmessage: BM-2cVSLZ6cJbjZfnJCKgAKiVKTxG21rrJDTi
TorChat: On request
Retroshare: On request
Other ways of contacting me (Skype, ICQ, Facebook, etc.) will be given out on request.

The same info as PGP signed JSON message: (Attention! utf-8-encoding used!)

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